Cider Launch in May - Fruit Launch in october

Experience Hardanger in it's most beautiful suit

Next event in 2022 is the Cider Launch 21th of May. We hope for good weather and a lovely atmosphere! Friday evening there will be a concert with Bergen Mandolinband at Lekve Gard. Buy tickets on or visit Haugesenteret to buy tickets. Price: 250,- NOK

Saturday is when the actual Cider Launch takes place. You choose which of the farms you want to start with. It is possble to buy tickets on Price: 600,- NOK.

The guided tours starts at 1 pm. If you would like to visit all the three farms, you start at the first farm at 1 pm, then take the tour on the next farm at 3 pm and the last farm at 5 pm. There will be plenty of time to walk between the farms. At Syse Gard you may also buy a snack from 12 pm. All the farms are open until 6 pm this time.


Welcome to Ulvik this weekend.